Institute for SMEs and Crafts

The Institute for SMEs and Crafts is a legally independent institute at the Allensbach University of Applied Sciences. With this affiliated institute, the university promotes research in the SME and craft sector, strengthens the exchange between science and business practice, and promotes the internationalization of the university.

The tasks of the institute include knowledge transfer, consulting, research and training. The focus is on educational counseling in the fields of Education 4.0, E-Learning, Dual Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Dual Higher Education according to the German model, as well as knowledge transfer by advising governments, Chambers of Crafts, Chambers of Industry and Commerce, business associations and companies from the SME and Crafts sector. Most of the projects are funded by governments.

Institute Director: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wagenmann

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Services for international clients

Educational institutions (vocational schools, training centers, colleges, universities):

  • Education 4.0 –  Digitalization in education
  • E-Learning, Blended Learning, Distance Learning: Methodological-didactic concepts
  • Train-the-Trainer certificate courses in Education 4.0, E-Learning, Blended Learning
  • Conception and development of dual vocational education and training (VET), based on the German model
  • Conception and development of dual study programs, based on the German model
  • Internationalization in education, e.g. university cooperation
  • Delegation visits of international educational institutions

International students:

  • Certificate courses with Credit Points (ECTS) in International Business and Management
  • Study tours in Germany and Europe (business, technology, culture, language)

Key Areas

  • Dual vocational education and training (VET)
  • Dual higher education, practice-oriented higher education
  • Education 4.0, Blended Learning
  • International cooperation in education
  • Specific country expertise on China and Southeast Asia


Examples of current and recent projects

  • Digitization and optimization of vocational training and further education in the craft sector – sponsored by the
    (Ministry of Economic Affairs of the German Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg)
  • Cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts Konstanz and their vocational training centers in projects for digitalization in vocational education and training →  more
  • Delegation visits from Chinese Vocational Colleges interested in the German system of dual vocational training, practice-oriented and dual higher education
  • „Holiday Campus“ – summer and winter holiday programs in Germany and Europe for international students from the Far East
Professorship for SME and Crafts
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wagenmann
+49 176 56778890

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